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Click here.doc for new material received at SIRC since April 2005.

SANCA Information and Resource Centre offers you access to a library which specialises in addictions. It contains a wide range of information on the topics of drug and alcohol addictions, employee assistance programmes and other related issues.

Selected Literature lists taken from SIRC Catalogue:

SANCA Information and Resource Centre:

  • is a specialist addiction research and reference resource facility which serves the SANCA Alcohol and Drug Centres, The Institute for Health Training and Development, Associate members of SANCA, tertiary institutions, professional social workers in training, private practitioners and the public of southern Africa;

  • comprises four main resource areas, which are: books, journals, pamphlets and posters, and audio-visual material;

  • offers comprehensive research facilities for professionals and students within the drug and alcohol fields;

  • operates on a fee-based system. Costs are subject to VAT. View the SIRC pamphlet.doc

Services offered by SIRC:

  • Video Acquisitions List and Book Acquisitions List available on request
  • Literature searches;
  • Current Awareness Service which includes contents pages from national and international journals, access to a newsclipping service, newsletter;
  • Sale of material.xls?of material such as posters and pamphlets;
  • Viewing or rental of audio visual material;
  • Inter library loans;
  • Consultation service;
  • Access to Substance Abuse Web pages and databases.

View the SIRC pamphlet.doc

Information about other clinics and organisations working in the field of alcohol abuse can be obtained from SIRC:

Physical Address:
Postal Address:
Telephone: Fax:
Opening hours: 08h15 to 16h15 , by appointment

Website: https://sancanational.org.za

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