Many requests both of an information as well as counseling nature are received daily by SANCA. These requests arrive at SANCA Information and Resource Centre and are dealt with there.

   Where can I get help for my father who has been drinking for 10 years, he has lost his job and my mother has left him. We feel so guilty about him and try to help him by buying him food. He refuses all suggestions of help and scorns our attention

   Firstly it is important to acknowledge that family members are greatly affected by someone's drinking problem. The alcoholic uses defense mechanism such as denial which makes it hard to discuss the problem with them. SANCA offers short term voluntary treatment. There are clinics throughout South Africa, offering both in and out patient treatment. Your family members could initially attend a clinic to receive support and learn how to approach your father in a constructive manner.

    I would like to refer my wife to a SANCA Clinic for treatment for an addiction to a prescription drug.

   Please consult our webpage Link: Treatment for a list of clinics nationally

    Im a journalist doing an article on drug trafficking in South Africa--I need statistics and some general information about the drug situation in South Africa

   The SANCA Information & Resource Centre situated at National Directorate in Johannesburg, is a specialist Library and is able to assist you--both with hard copy and electronic information

    Im concerned about my friend who is acting strange and secretive. He attends raves and has become quite argumentative and has lost a lot of weight. He is not the person I knew some time ago

   Firstly it is important for your friend to know that he has a concerned friend. Secondly unfortunately more and more young people are becoming lured into the dubious world of drug experimentation and abuse. It is a wide spread problem--the influence of peer pressure and glamorisation of drugs adds to the incidence.
It sounds as if he could be using either a stimulant or one of the designer drugs such as ecstasy. You need to speak to him in a supportive and non judgmental manner. You need to reflect to him your concerns about his health as well as his changed behaviour. Point out the consequences if he should continue abusing the drugs. SANCA has clinics that would be able to assist both you and your friend

    Im writing on behalf of a friend--their daughter is 15 and is extremely depressed and stressed at the time of exams.
She has become withdrawn--she was given antidepressants by the family doctor

   Adolescence is a stage of turbulence and stresses which could be influenced by expectations of society and sometimes parents, to perform at school as well as on the sports field. If stress is not managed in a healthy way then depression could result.
We live in a pill popping society, so very often depression and other ills are addressed by medication only, rather than looking at the root cause of the psychological problem. If the root problem is not addressed then even the antidepressants might not help and the person taking them could take more pills than is necessary resulting in substance abuse

    Im a community member in rural Limpopo --we are most concerned about the high incidence of alcohol abuse amongst our youth. We would like to help them

   SANCA is a national organisation which addresses the problems of substance abuse in all communities. Due to the widespread problem it is virtually impossible to get funding to address the problem in the whole of South Africa. We do rely on people like yourself who is concerned about your own community. We can put you in contact with the nearest SANCA clinic in Polokwane who could assist your community

    I need to send my son for treatment for drug abuse--what are the costs of treatment?

   Costs for treatment vary from clinic to clinic; it also depends if your son attends as an out patient or in patient.

    Is the cost of treatment covered by Medical Aids?

   Most medical aids pay for treatment to a greater or lesser extent. SANCA has concluded a contract with Mx Risk Managers (Pty) Ltd as designated service provider (they administer a whole list of medical schemes) and is the preferred provider of services for National Medical Plan. SANCA is in the process of concluding a designated provider agreement with Discovery Health. Negotiations with Medscheme are ongoing.

    As the Personnel Manager we are about to hold a Disciplinary hearing with one of our employees. Please advise on the procedure and how SANCA could assist with treatment.

   The procedure would be, in part influenced by your Employment Policy as well as the legislation. A constructive intervention would be held and then the employee would be given the opportunity to seek help. His continued employment would be contingent on him receiving treatment. Your company is entitled to keep in contact with his therapist and receive a report on his treatment programme. At the assessment it will be discussed with him whether he would benefit from either out- or in -patient treatment.

    I realise that I have a problem with dagga but I am not prepared to go to SANCA

   SANCA supports the network of self help groups. Perhaps you would like to contact Narcotics Anonymous which follows the 12 step programme

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